Thursday, March 08, 2007

After a long time, here I am back to typing in my two cents worth.

For those non believers ( which included me till five minutes ago) heres the fact. As those chain mails say, Coke or Pepsi is bad. Trust me, I didnt think that I had to see the day when I would be sick from the carbonated sugary syrup. But nearly two litres of coke in a time span of around 2 hrs is not a good idea. I did it, and then thrown up, and felt miserable...and unlike being drunk when theres those few precious moments of incoherence, you are completely aware of the unease all through.

I hate those free refills.

And I hate not being able to see soccer matches on the telly. No offence, but the Americans need to learn that there are better games than what they play.

It looks like all the games here need people to be huge.

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Life "16-20" said...

nice thought for blog...keep goin..
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