Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wishing everybody happy THANKSGIVING.

Ok, so heres a review of the much awaited, much hyped and much praised latest James Bond flick...Casino Royal. Went out with my sister and bro-in-law last evening and we decided we wanted to watch it too. So with the customary soda and pop corn, we walked into the theatre. It was far from being sold out, guess part of the reason being that most people were at home with family or shopping their brains out.
Its not that I am a big Bond fan, but then again whos not fascinated by the flair, style and super sleekness of 007. Most of the Bond movies i have watched have had Pierce brosnan as the secret agent and so I was curious to know how the new Bond, Daniel Craig measured up.
This was the first of the Bond stories written. The usual tech stuff that you associate with 007 is missing. However, the storyline itself is pretty good.
However their seems to be a bit too much of emotional drama, something that you dont usually expect in a Bond movie.
When news initially got out that Daniel Craig was the next Bond-to-be there was a lot of talk that he might not actually fit the bill. After watching the movie, I am in two minds. He looks pretty cool at times, but it seems that the action hero in him tries to overwhelm the Bond air sometimes. It might be that its a flaw in the script, but somehow those usual Bond jokes loaded with their double meanings seemed to be missing. Sure the new Bond is hot and stuff but he seems to be missing the class and polish that is Bond's signature.
Maybe he will become the best Bond sometimes later, however right now I guess he needs to get some class.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Guess what? I am tired being of this multi billionaire celebrity. I really need some breathing space of my own. I know what you guys are thinking, he's saying it because he has it all. Trust me guys its not that easy being in the spotlight.
Hell, when was the last time I went out with a girl for a movie to the theatre. Everytime I have a date with one of those "Playboy" playmates and want to watch a movie, all I can do is go to my own private auditorium in my obscenely plush bungalow in Malibu. Thats so cruel. I would give an arm to queue up with the rest of you lesser mortals to get a ticket from the box office in the neighborhood rundown theatre. And dinner, when did I last go to a Wendy's or McDonalds to pick up a "dollar meal"...I love those...all I have is what my private fat French chef ( who by the way had earned his cordon bleu)cooks up...and then I have to nibble on the Camembort or Roquefort while I sip on some Bordeaux, a 1787 Chateau Lafite (no less). Man isnt that a torture.
Its not only these things that are a torture. Every morning when I get ready to work, I have to go through the same difficult choice of choosing what suit I must wear. You know it would not do justice to my innumerable fans if they could actually ever see me without me consulting my "appearance speacialist".
Just think of the message I would be sending out the message if they saw me in my formal suits in my Porsche or in my sweat shirt in my Cadillac. I really envy those guys who get to travel in those crowded buses.
I am really ready to give up on these, point is how do I find a good substitute for my position. I have actually thought of a grand idea...I will have a nation-wide, no a global, contest called "Who wants to be Celebrity X". We are then going to judge them and put the most obnoxious no good dickhead on this prestigious job.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I dont know why people find it funny that there are elephants on the roads of India, or that we meet tigers on the road while going to work. I mean, next I will hear people surprised at the idea that all we Indians look forward to in life is nirvana. Hey guys we are born so spiritually advanced that all we need to do is chant "Om" and "Shanti" thrice a day to gain salvation.
Also I hope you know that India is an under developed country, so all you see on the roads are bullock-carts and small unfed children forced to beg. Also there are Maharajas dressed in fantastic attires and adorned with diamonds the size of the large rocks. O yeah, I am an expert in all forms of yoga just like the rest of all my country men, and we all play the sarod, sitar and the tabla with the ease of one born with them.
And for most of the time all we eat is one or the other form of extremely spicy curry. And our favorite drink is the p*** of the holy cows which we treat better than any human being. I would love to write more but my pet python is trying to gobble up my other pet, the cobra.
Need to run.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Its strange how situations change our tastes, a once upon a time "metal and rock" addict has changed into a hindi music buff. Yep thats me. Till around four months ago, my musical world was inhabited by Axle Rose, Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi and the like. And right now belts out DCH, RDB and other desi music at all odd hours of the day.
In my quest for new sources of hindi film music I have searched the net all over and found out that along with, and the online radio at live365 play some pretty awesome music. The advantage of the first two is that its like your own online music collection where you can choose your songs, while live365 is like your good old radio, where the minimal work of choosing your genre of music is left to you. The rest of the work is done by the web.
Besides the above mentioned filmy music was recently listening to the hauntings of Indian Ocean and Silk route. Indian Ocean in their soundtrack for Black Friday makes sure the pain and suffering that the movie portrays comes through to hit you right across your face every time you listen to them.
Silk Route was a real favorite. It seems that after the intense performance in theor first album, they somehow went into hibernation. It would be good to hear them pouring out some of the old wine from a new bottle.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

There was once upon a time that I used to watch four movies in less than 24 hours, that time was nearly 26 hours ago.
After the marathon six hour X-Men trilogy session last night went out and watched yet another movie today. It was the much awaited Borat. The movie was rib-tickling, tummy splitting laugh riot. There were parts which could be termed gross, though overall it was a satire in a sense.
Also went about most of Raleigh, Cary and Durham while deciding on where to go for the movie, after a dinner of biryani, sheesh kebabs and chilly paneer. Enjoyed the really lively conversation with loads of jokes that kept me laughing. Was one of those rare days when it felt like I was with friends even though of the seven people, I met five of them for the first time.
The weekends been a pretty difficult on the tummy with the huge buffet for the lunch yesterday, the absolutely delicious cookies and the really good biryani tonight. Might try to be on a milder diet for tomorrow.
About time that I got back to work and wait for another weekend soon to rejuvenate myself.