Sunday, June 04, 2006


I dont consider myself a movie buff, I just consider myself as a cine watcher who is usually deeply affected for a minimal span of time by whatevers happening in the screen in front of me. And hence I find it pretty strange that sometimes there are certain movies that stay there with me and keep me thinking for more than just a brief period of time. Its not that I remember the whole movie, its usually a single scene that stays stuck and the remainder of the movie just lurks behind consciousness. I have been watching a few movies recently and of the last three that I have watched in a movie hall I can convincingly say that they were a complete waste of money. I am not going to say that they were the worst movies i have ever seen, that I am sure is another one and it will take a rather inspired effort by a director to beat that.
The last three movies DOOM, Tom, Dick and Harry and Fanaa were pretty unwatchable. Doom and Fanaa we at least sat through because we had paid big bucks for them. However we had paid the most for Tom, Dick and Harry and still needed to walk out after a few minutes. However they still are faraway from Rog, which in my mind stays the ultimate insult to the whole world of film making and film watching.
Lets start with Doom. Its one of those movies which start of with the basic idea that all you need for a movie to click is great special fx. You can therefore spend the money on that alone then ask a lousy scriptwriter to make a story around all those effects and a bunch of no good actors to move about the set while whatever was supposed to happen happens. Theres some out in space station in which some scientific research on genes being mutated and its effects on the poor people so mutated are being studied. Something goes wrong. The ultimate warrior machines are let loose to fight this menace. The new mutated versions are really strong and heavy fighting takes place. Ultimately we know that mutation makes changes in certain human beings to make them atrocious beasts while another set becomes superhumens. The set of rescuers are also accompanied by the usual eye candy damsel who needs to be rescued as the final act. Final shots arelike a comp game.
Next lets get to Tom, Dick and harry ......... nothing to say.Watched Fanaa, was apprehensive from the beginning. Yet went for it.
Initially it was the usual hindi movie stuff. Song and dance routine, guided tour all over Delhi, this that some more dance in the rain. And then there was the twist which hopefully could have made the movie better. Then it was screwed up as royally as possible only in hindi movies. Bring in a kid, bring in the emotional crap, bring in some dilemmas that the hero has to deal with, then finish it off with a bang. These movies prove that RDB, Satya and such movies are still just flashes in the pan and hindi movie has absolutely no intention of considering the basic fact that its audience has some intelligence and intentions of watching movies that are bit more than just the crap that is being dished out.

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