Friday, June 09, 2006

The RAINS in Calcutta

Monsoon in Calcutta is just round the corner or it might be here. I mean you really cannot say. The monsoon comes into this part of the world in a predatory way. Initially its just stalking you. There are just an odd spell of shower here and a little drizzle there. Then it becomes a bit more regular, storms with dark clouds that make the sun hide and the evenings slip into the dark night. Not too much of rain, enough to cool the air and making you beg for some more. And then the sudden downpour once in a while. And then before you know it its drizzling all day. Earlier on it was a known thing that every shower would be followed by waterlogged streeets. Making sure those who missed the rain stuck inside offices got wet in ankle deep or sometime knee deep water on their way back. Thats not really what Calcutta these days. I would actually love the waterlogging and I know most of us did. If not the getting wet part, at least getting home wet and telling everyone how bad the roads were.

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