Thursday, January 11, 2007


Have you ever been a maze, a maze so confusing that anybody who does not know the exact turns is bound to get lost. And have you ever felt confident that you know the maze inside out. Have you ever felt that the maze was yours. Have you ever felt proud to be part of the maze that confused all aliens. The maze that gave you your identity, your freedom, your self assurance.

And have you ever been taken away from that maze and put out on a road. A long straight road. With no turns at all. A place so so easy to move in, that it is frightening. A place which is so transparent that there are no corners to hide yourself in. A place where the sun hits you in the eye, brightness that you want to get away from. A place where the sense of security is the cause of feeling of insecurity. A place that has only sharp corners, no worn down edges.

And have you ever realized that all you could see while roaming aimlessly in the maze was the brightness of the straight road far away. And all you ever wanted was to be part of that sanitized brightness. And have you ever felt that you dont know what you want, the feeling of being one with yourself or wanting to be someone else.

And have you ever seen how the maze was trying to sharpen its edges while the brightness was trying to lose its sheen.

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