Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wishing everybody happy THANKSGIVING.

Ok, so heres a review of the much awaited, much hyped and much praised latest James Bond flick...Casino Royal. Went out with my sister and bro-in-law last evening and we decided we wanted to watch it too. So with the customary soda and pop corn, we walked into the theatre. It was far from being sold out, guess part of the reason being that most people were at home with family or shopping their brains out.
Its not that I am a big Bond fan, but then again whos not fascinated by the flair, style and super sleekness of 007. Most of the Bond movies i have watched have had Pierce brosnan as the secret agent and so I was curious to know how the new Bond, Daniel Craig measured up.
This was the first of the Bond stories written. The usual tech stuff that you associate with 007 is missing. However, the storyline itself is pretty good.
However their seems to be a bit too much of emotional drama, something that you dont usually expect in a Bond movie.
When news initially got out that Daniel Craig was the next Bond-to-be there was a lot of talk that he might not actually fit the bill. After watching the movie, I am in two minds. He looks pretty cool at times, but it seems that the action hero in him tries to overwhelm the Bond air sometimes. It might be that its a flaw in the script, but somehow those usual Bond jokes loaded with their double meanings seemed to be missing. Sure the new Bond is hot and stuff but he seems to be missing the class and polish that is Bond's signature.
Maybe he will become the best Bond sometimes later, however right now I guess he needs to get some class.

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