Sunday, November 05, 2006

There was once upon a time that I used to watch four movies in less than 24 hours, that time was nearly 26 hours ago.
After the marathon six hour X-Men trilogy session last night went out and watched yet another movie today. It was the much awaited Borat. The movie was rib-tickling, tummy splitting laugh riot. There were parts which could be termed gross, though overall it was a satire in a sense.
Also went about most of Raleigh, Cary and Durham while deciding on where to go for the movie, after a dinner of biryani, sheesh kebabs and chilly paneer. Enjoyed the really lively conversation with loads of jokes that kept me laughing. Was one of those rare days when it felt like I was with friends even though of the seven people, I met five of them for the first time.
The weekends been a pretty difficult on the tummy with the huge buffet for the lunch yesterday, the absolutely delicious cookies and the really good biryani tonight. Might try to be on a milder diet for tomorrow.
About time that I got back to work and wait for another weekend soon to rejuvenate myself.

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