Sunday, November 19, 2006

I dont know why people find it funny that there are elephants on the roads of India, or that we meet tigers on the road while going to work. I mean, next I will hear people surprised at the idea that all we Indians look forward to in life is nirvana. Hey guys we are born so spiritually advanced that all we need to do is chant "Om" and "Shanti" thrice a day to gain salvation.
Also I hope you know that India is an under developed country, so all you see on the roads are bullock-carts and small unfed children forced to beg. Also there are Maharajas dressed in fantastic attires and adorned with diamonds the size of the large rocks. O yeah, I am an expert in all forms of yoga just like the rest of all my country men, and we all play the sarod, sitar and the tabla with the ease of one born with them.
And for most of the time all we eat is one or the other form of extremely spicy curry. And our favorite drink is the p*** of the holy cows which we treat better than any human being. I would love to write more but my pet python is trying to gobble up my other pet, the cobra.
Need to run.


yagna said... pet tiger has developed a serious case of diarrhoea...could you suggest some remedial measures, being the pet-care expert that you are..

hell's last angel said...

you could try to feed it some curry

MVG said...

Good one! people, stop stereotyping us!!!!!

shradha said...

This like I said is brilliant.
Though it sounded unlike you