Friday, December 08, 2006

For those of you wondering how I am coping with the cold, heres an update. This is the forecast of the weather at Chapel Hill for the next five days. And it does not look sunny, literally.

Every time I say its too cold to anyone willing to hear the same familiar complaint from me for the millionth time, all they say is"Its not cold yet, wait for a few more days". Pretty encouraging to a guy who has always seen winters like,

and then was spoilt by some more winter of the same sort last year.

It seems that it is only going to get colder, and a smart way to solve the problem as suggested by my friends Krishanu, Sanhita and Saurish is to get together at a place which has weather like this:

Guys haven't you heard that you are supposed to go south for winter, or were you guys always in the southern hemisphere. Last week of the year in Rchester is not a good idea.

However the only other place I might go for December is Columbus which has a weather like:

Waiting for summer.

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