Monday, December 18, 2006

Here's some strange news that I have heard recently.
This year's Heisman Trophy was won by OSU quarterback Troy Smith. No thats not the strange news. The strange news is that he was not allowed to carry the trophy on the plane due to security reasons. That to me was strange. I mean being cautious is good, but to suspect that the trophy that has been awarded for the last seventy years will be used as a WMD is a bit of a stretch.
Guess if the Nobel peace prize winner, Mohammed Yunus was to try to enter the USA with his award of the year, he would be in big trouble. Such are the times.
Next strange thing to happen was a shooting. So heres what happened, some young student stole some newly launched PS3. The police goes up to the suspects residence and shoots of the guy. Pretty much as entertaining as a video game.
The stranger part is that the Grand Jury investigating the charges against the cop declares him guilty. Next day theres mor surprise, the Grand Jury says there was a mistake and the wrong box was marked by mistake. They actually wanted to acquit the cop but had pronounced him guilty by mistake.
How dumb is that.

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