Saturday, December 09, 2006

Theres this strange thing about Bollywood. They take really good plots and then about go about perfectly screwing things from then onwards. The result is a yuck movie.
A case in point is Fanaa. If you look at the bare skeleton, it will be obviously strikingly ingenuous.
A blind girl, while on a tour to the capital, falls for a guide. Theres a bomb blast in which the guide supposedy gets killed. In actuality the guide is not killed at all but was the one who caused the bomb blast and then vanishes off into the network unknown faces.
How badly can you screw up with something starting off like this.
Well, pretty badly, if it is made in Bollywood in general and with some directors it would be appaling.
Fanaa happens to be one of the most disappointing movies i have ever watched. What makes it worse is the fact that it could have actually been a really good one.

If you see the teaser above, you will see how well the story is hidden yet attractive to potential audiences. Yeah there are the crazy dance and song sequences, they are something that you just cant make a hindi film without. But you would be going in to the movie expecting something pretty spectacular. And when you realise the true identity of Aamir Khan just before interval you expect a movie that is not going to be really another messed up job. But thats what it is ultimately.
I was so disappointed with this movie.

Speaking of hindi movies without songs i think the only one i can remember is Kaun. A truly remarkable movie with only four member cast and shot completely inside a house. One of the really good hindi movies that I have seen.

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