Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Heres some more strange news that I just found.

The first one is set in London. We have all heard of those cases where the smoker sues the tobacco company for causing him cancer, of the woman who took her plastic surgeon to court because her silicon breasts after the surgery were not of the same size and so on...However the recent one that I read off seemed a bit too much.

So theres this dude who while working in a bicycle warehouse falls on his head. Well then he goes into coma. Miraculously he gets out of it. And then just as he thought that life was back to normal, he realised that he had somehow turned into this sex maniac. Somehow the fall had so boosted his libido that he had turned to pornography and prostitutes. This caused his newly wed wife to divorce him.
So, he sues his employer and wins 3 million dollar in damages. I mean this is the greatest fall that anybody has ever fallen. You are stupid and fall while working, and what do you get out of it. A boosted libido and 3 million dollars.
I wont be surprised if theres a sudden spurt of "falling on the head" accident at workplace occurs after this news hits the headlines.
I am pretty sure that guy is going to be on a high for sometime. Speaking of high brings me to my next story.

Well, pretty often we see that the USA makes strange decisions. You cannot blame a country for making strange and erratic decisions when their top cash crop is marijuana. yes you heard me right, the top cash crop is MARIJUANA...yes also known as Cannabis, Pot, Hemp, Bhang, Marijuana, Joint, Reefer, Wahupta [Sioux], Dope, Ganja, Smoke, Weed, Hash or what else you want to call your magic poison.
Yeah I thought it would be wheat or corn too. But no its not. Actually the total worth of marijuana produced in the USA is 35 billion dollars which is more than the combined worth of wheat and corn produced annually.

Staying on drugs for my third odd news of the day. I know people act crazy when the are on drugs. But how crazy could you get to actually go up and complain to a cop that you have been sold bad crack. This actually happened. This lady goes upto a cop and takes out a piece of crack and puts it in front of the cop foer him to inspect it. She says that some guy sold her crack mixed with wax and cocaine instead of just the real thing.


shradha said...

This one is a liitle better than the fanaa one.but post the fall(typical of INdians when you praise them)its going to take a while to climb back up

tui amake jaanish said...

Man you find everything strange